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Social Media Instruction

We get results. You are here because you found us, right? We know how frustrating it can be, herding cats and trying to get them to focus on multiple tasks in the office. We created a series of micro-classes to turn your staff into cool cats.

Our history with project and strategic planning brings a different level of collaboration and focused work to your company. We help your team design and implement your social media marketing plan. Your team takes ownership of its success.

They will be able to transfer skills easily to new-hires and help grow your business more effectively. Sounds great, right? Talk to us.

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The Digital Landscape

Zen said yes to the digital challenge, then learned how to build his first computer in 1990, then his first website in 2000 that grew to over 25,000 visits a month. He seized the opportunity to learn.

We know how overwhelming it can feel when you know you need to do something, but aren't sure how. Our knowledge of webcrafting, various platforms, skill in helping craft your social media marketing plan and implementation of it will get you visible in a short time on the digital landscape. We've proven it.

We're here to help take the pain out of your social life, media wise that is, and build your social value. We can even do monthly monitoring and/or post for you. Once you have things set up, you'll feel more confident when you see the results.

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Full Service Web Crafting

It probably feels disheartening with quotes in the thousands of dollars when you only need a simple website with a few features.

We get that.

We can help there, too. That's why we launched Planck Media. We've built dozens of websites over the past two decades and helped businesses achieve first page ranking in search engines, too.

We took an on-demand small business talk radio show, put it on the first page of search engines and, through social media, took it to over 150k listens in the first year.

We can help you! We'll prove it.

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Max Planck — 'When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.'

Imagine having a lot of irons in the fire.

Easy to do, right?

Most business owners forget that the irons are all in the same fire, though. Our passion and purpose are translated into a mission and vision statement that drives business goals. This is most important.

The question is are we working on or in the business?

We want you to be able to work ON the business. As a business owner, consolidation of services is appealing. It brings your expense down and your circle of trust is tighter. Good business practices are built on great relationships, right?

Our expertise, qualifications and results allow us to help your business through coaching, consulting and development on several fronts, including digital. We can demonstrate validate results from our previous work. It is time to become diversified and yet more specific simultaneously.

We have found that a 3-fold approach really works - personal, professional and digital. Planck Social Media Agency is the digital part of the three, of course. We've got top rankings, organically, for our customers. You'll find some here, demonstrating our SEO work.

Why not put that knowledge and skill to work for you?

Give us a call.

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Got off the phone with Zen about my web site problems (it was hacked) and left with feeling confident Zen "owned" my problem - and he resolved the issues quickly. Subsequent follow ups to increase traffic through SEO, Google Adwords and other social media sites continue to build not only my confidence in Zen's abilities, but optimism over the direction we are heading. I hope he can do the same for my golf game!

Jay Berens - President, RS Solutions, Inc. Dec. 10, 2015


Zen has been building my websites and running my digital marketing campaigns for several years now. His speed at completing tasks, well, I often tell him he works at light speed. They are done before I know it. He is able to explain things simply, too. His LinkedIn workshops get high marks and his social media marketing took 2 Small Biz Guys from 0 to over 150,000 listens. Hire him. You'll be glad you did.

Ray Silverstein, PRO - Peer Advisory Boards, September 2017


Next Steps...

You know how good it feels to talk with someone who understands you and can set your mind at ease. Before we talk, let us send you a short white paper with some helpful hints; tasty tidbits for your travails.

Here's what you'll get with the white paper:

  • Advertising - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • 28 Successful Marketing Practices
  • 6 Steps to a Successful Homepage

We know there are many choices you can make. We'd like to be in the mix. We think the 'spooky action' will turn into a calm and cool collaboration.

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