“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”~ Max Planck

Planck Social Media Agency looks at the web differently. WordPress websites and digital marketing are all connected. You need to be, too, with effective search engine optimization and social branding.

An introduction from our founder and chief possibilities coagulator, Zen Benefiel.


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Digital Marketing and WordPress Website Services

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We appreciate your visit! We understand the nuances of social branding, digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media and customer engagement. There is a veritable maze of details in the construction of a website and integration with social media that small business owners are challenged to understand, let alone apply. Planck makes it easy, applying our knowledge of WordPress and behind the scenes details of the look and feel you want. We can even craft video presentations using our studio green screen.

Small business owners are tasked not only with knowing their business and marketing effectively, they have to develop a presence online today. That includes engaging customers, proper placement with a Google Business Page, Facebook and LinkedIn Company Pages for content, Instagram and Pinterest for images as well as developing interactive features for their website. It’s a constantly changing challenge.

Planck’s offering combines understanding of small business from years of consulting, peer group activity, education in business administration, organizational development and social branding, not to mention our digital skills and WordPress website expertise. We’re a small business, too, operating in a sea of selections that can be more confusing than helpful. We can help you sift through the options effectively, craft a branded presence and keep your costs reasonable.

Google Search & Local Business Listings

You want to make sure you hire the right company for your digital marketing needs, with proven skills and results to match. We’ve built dozens of websites over the past two decades and helped businesses achieve first page ranking with effective search engine optimization. Small business owners often have Google Business Pages, yet they are poorly constructed for Search Engine Rankings. We can fix that or create a new Local Business Listing if you do not have one yet. We can do the same for Facebook and LinkedIn Company Pages as well as Instagram and Twitter accounts.

“We contacted Planck after finding them on Google. They had the top slot on the local business listings. Zen took us from nowhere to the top 3 for ‘kitchen cabinet company’ locally, then expanded our reach. We decided to redo our website, and Zen again performed magnificently. He listened to every little detail we wanted and delivered it. His professionalism was exceptional and we’re really happy with the end-product.” ~ B Barko,  Owner , Madera Interior Solutions.

A Brief History of Our Chief Possibilities Coagulator

After earning a Masters of Business Administration and Secondary Teaching Certification, Zen started building websites in 2000 in his spare time  while teaching high school. His first attempt, using MS Front Page, achieved first page rankings in search engines (Excite, Yahoo, Alta Vista, WebCrawler) with over 25,000 visits a month. Earning a Master of Arts in Organizational Development in 2003, he began assisting entrepreneurs with business development, writing business plans and micro-loan acquisition through a non-profit organization.

In 2004 he began building sites professionally using MS Expression Web and transitioned to WordPress websites a few years later because of its versatility. He learned search engine optimization from one of the founders of Inktomi. A decade later he met his soul mate and got remarried. His love convinced him to launch Planck Social Media Agency because of his adept understanding of business processes, digital marketing, social media and website development. He had included his services under his coaching banner, Be The Dream.

Social Media Instruction

Do you have enough time to attend to your social media presence? Too often business owners are too busy working ‘in’ the business to work ‘on’ it. Social media and social branding is here to stay and WordPress websites are great focal points for delivery of your message. We created a series of micro-classes just for small businesses who need a help with learning how to use social media effectively. SCORE’s Greater Phoenix Chapter has relied on our LinkedIn workshops for years, focusing on small business owners.

Our history with project and strategic planning brings a different level of collaboration and focused work to your company. We help your team design and implement your social media marketing plan. Your team takes ownership of its success. Your team works as one; able to transfer skills easily to new-hires and help grow your business more effectively. Sounds great, right? Talk to us.

I was pleased to attend the SCORE sponsored “Build your business through LinkedIn” class that Zen facilitated. To say that the class was extremely helpful would be a gross understatement! Every issue and topic (some of these discussions went beyond LinkedIn) addressed during our 4-hour session were modern-day applicable without being so very techie which made it quite possible for those non-techs of us to understand. Additionally, the classroom and real life practice of the nuances of LinkedIn were very helpful as Zen encouraged classmates to assist each other as well. Zen’s refreshing and repeated attitude about on-line transparency was quite impressive – and he also offered personal insight re building a business. I would take his class again !  ~ Gina W. Ore – Founder & CEO, Passion for Patients

Digital Services - Hosting to Website Development

social media agency, digital marketing, wordpress websites, search engine optimization, hosting et alYour web search is probably how you found us. Planck Social Media Agency offers quantum engagement for your web presence with social media made easy. We set up your online business needs with expert service, including domain, email and hosting accounts. We are a GoDaddy Reseller, so you know you’ll be getting top quality services.  We’ve been around for over a decade.

If you are looking to redesign your WordPress website, we have great tools to help you understand your current web presence, spruce up your website for best performance and site rankings (SEO is just one facet) and prepare the way for organic traffic. We can also consult on best practices and opportunities to generate paid traffic. You can have the best website, but organic traffic may not provide you with optimal numbers for generating quality leads.

We stay current on trending web tech to make sure you have the best technology to engage your website visitors. It is one thing to get them to your website. The most crucial concern is getting your visitors to engage your website. There are a number of options we can incorporate in your web design to inspire engagement and social branding.  Small business owners can appreciate the kind of relationship we create, inspired by the depth of knowledge, skills and understanding of business process and strong web presence.

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