Got off the phone with Zen about my web site problems (it was hacked) and left with feeling confident Zen “owned” my problem – and he resolved the issues quickly. Subsequent follow ups to increase traffic through SEO, Google Adwords and other social media sites continue to build not only my confidence in Zen’s abilities, but optimism over the direction we are heading. I hope he can do the same for my golf game! Jay Berens, President, RS Solutions, Inc.

Some testimonials from past workshops…

“Zen’s Social Media Workshop gave me an excellent, hands on introduction to social media. It was well organized, professionally delivered, results oriented, and tailored to the knowledge level of the participants. He appears very capable of training those with higher levels of social media knowledge as well. Zen is a personable and patient trainer who makes complex information understandable. I continue to refer to the workshop materials to help me become increasingly conversant with the social media world.”

  • Debra Drecksel, Washington, DC trainer and novelist

Zen is an extremely talented digital marketing expert and trainer. If you are looking for someone that can not only execute on your marketing strategy but can teach you the actual action steps and technical information that you need, Zen is your guy. Very Helpful!

  • Levi Johnson, Certified High Performance Coach – Feb 1, 2019

Greatly appreciated the training on How To Use LinkedIn by Zen! While I am a novice to formalized networking and social media techniques & tools… and subsequently in the very early stages of becoming aware of such, let alone on how to use, I found Zen’s easy going and humorous approach much akin to Gene Wilder meeting Siddhartha & Lao Tzu very refreshing as opposed to a stiff, boring and info-only meeting. Additionally, Zen provided a complimentary book (and link) re: this topic… which will definitely be of benefit to myself. As I continue to grow and figure out where I am going with my business ideas, I will reach out to Zen. Based on what I experienced, I recommend that you consult with him!

  • Ron Barber, Robert Lon Barber, LSCSW – June 15, 2018

I have recently taken a course by Zen Benefiel on how to use LinkedIn and I would highly recommend him. He teaches in a way that is easy to understand and will walk you through all of his exercises, making sure that you have acquired your new skills.

  • Sharon Eisner Wealth Creation, Time Freedom, Global International Business – June 11, 2016

Thank you Zen for making the LinkedIn workshop a very pleasant and easy to follow experience. I found that your knowledge of the subject partnered with your ease of teaching allowed me have a better understanding of how better to use LinkedIn.

  • Cristina Coash Account Executive at Coash & Coash – June 10, 2016

Zen presented a workshop on Linkedin, “Getting to Sales using Linkedin”. His presentation was wonderful. It was just the right speed, thorough, and hands-on. Powerpoint slides were useful and informational.

  • Robert Miksovsky, Reliable Travel Planners, LLC – June 3, 2016

Zen’s Linkedin training workshop was interesting, informative and fun. Since it was a hands-on learning experience, we got to explore features in LinkedIn that I didn’t know existed! Great information for anyone looking to fully utilize the power of LinkedIn.

  • Sherri Rowland Graphic Designer, Fine Artist, Photo editor, Photographer – June 2, 2016

I was pleased to attend the SCORE sponsored “Build your business through LinkedIN” class that Zen facilitated. To say that the class was extremely helpful would be a gross understatement! Every issue and topic (some of these discussions went beyond LinkedIN) addressed during our 4-hour session were modern-day applicable without being so very techy which made it quite possible for those non-techs of us to understand. Additionally, the classroom and real life practice of the nuances of LinkedIn were very helpful as Zen encouraged classmates to assist each other as well. Zen’s refreshing and repeated attitude about on-line transparency was quite impressive – and he also offered personal insight re building a business. I would take his class again !

  • Gina W. Ore Founder & CEO, Passion for Patients – May 26, 2016

I just attended Zen’s LinkedIn class. It was an excellent presentation and I walked away with the information that I needed to implement LinkedIn as a marketing tool.

  • Patrick Ingram Arizona Construction Companies Turnaround Specialist – May 26, 2016

Zen conducted a SCORE LinkedIn class which I recently attended. Zen was well-versed on the subject, and clearly communicated his knowledge of the material to a group with mixed experience levels. He was also quite patient with a multitude of interruptions and questions. I would not hesitate to attend another class conducted by Zen.

  • Wendy Csader Contracts Manager at FITCH – May 26, 2016