Social Media Metanoia

A Change of Mind for Smart People

Business owners don’t often have time to catch up on the current trends, let alone study them in depth. We’re usually too involved with the day-to-day functions of the business and keeping the doors open. Things have changed since the turn of the century. Social Media has caused a revolution in marketing.

We’ve gone from brick-and-mortar to  click-and-mortar with the opportunities presented by this shift in the marketplace. Now it’s up to the business owner to be smarter on how to work on the business and not get caught up in the business. With that in mind, we created a short document that explains social media simple, plus offers some insight into how to apply it well in your business.

“Zen’s Social Media Workshop gave me an excellent, hands on introduction to social media. It was well organized, professionally delivered, results oriented, and tailored to the knowledge level of the participants. He appears very capable of training those with higher levels of social media knowledge as well. Zen is a personable and patient trainer who makes complex information understandable. I continue to refer to the workshop materials to help me become increasingly conversant with the social media world.”

  • Debra Drecksel, Washington, DC trainer and novelist

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