Dance to the Digital Drummer

We all know social media is here to stay and that it isn’t just a fad. It is more than a trend now. It is a staple in marketing and sales. It’s pulsing a new beat through fiber optics. As a musician, the digital drum kits are a blast, also reliant on the streaming of data.

Social media architecture streams data and isn’t like traditional marketing, because it depends on social media instruction, even social currency, and thrives on relationships. It’s a know, like, follow and share world. Playing by yourself gets pretty boring after a while. You need playmates to make good music.

Our classes can include multiple businesses, making it better for your cost per employee/staff. We’re like a good band with all the right song selections to help you dance or just kick back and listen.

“Zen’s Social Media Workshop gave me an excellent, hands on introduction to social media. It was well organized, professionally delivered, results oriented, and tailored to the knowledge level of the participants. He appears very capable of training those with higher levels of social media knowledge as well. Zen is a personable and patient trainer who makes complex information understandable. I continue to refer to the workshop materials to help me become increasingly conversant with the social media world.”

  • Debra Drecksel, Washington, DC trainer and novelist

Social Media Instruction

We offer a 7-week series of hands-on learning for the novice or intermediate alike. Our 2-hour instructional experiences cover everything you need to prepare and implement a social media marketing plan using the top platforms today. You can invite other businesses to participate and lower your cost, too.

Those platforms include Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. Our instruction includes initial assessment of your current social media reach, SEO status, website functionality and training on the various platforms including creating profiles and/or pages where necessary.

Here’s a sample social media instruction agenda:

Week 1 – Assessment

  • Current Marketing Plan
  • Social Reach
  • Plugins & Functionality

Week 2 – SEO assessment

  • Post and Page Titles
  • Content
  • Graphics
  • Plugins

Week 3 – Facebook

  • Business Page
  • Following, Likes and Sharing
  • Groups and Networking
  • Search and Join
  • Posting Protocols

Week 4 – Google+

  • Business Page
  • Connections & Following
  • Groups and Networking
  • Posting Protocols

Week 5 – LinkedIn

  • Company Page
  • Publishing
  • Groups and Networking
  • Posting Protocols
  • Find and Follow

Week 6 – Instagram & Pinterest

  • Pins & Posts
  • Sharing – Mobility
  • Groups and Messaging

Week 7 – Social Media Integration, Blog to Everywhere

  • Social Plugins
  • Integrating Platforms
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • Search and Suggest
  • Blogging Elsewhere to Draw a Crowd

Social media instruction is approximately 2 hours per week. Clients are expected to practice developing expertise between sessions. We are available for short conversations if you get stuck and need help.

We’ve only got room for 2 new clients at this time. Reach out now.

7 Week Engagement – $699

Ready to get started?

We suggest that trainings are scheduled in the early mornings. Minds are fresher and workload is often at a minimum first thing in the day. If that doesn’t work for you, we can fit your schedule. Your staff will enjoy the learning and your company will gain from the experience.

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Feedback from previous classes:

“Zen’s workshop on ‘Social Media’ is a MUST HAVE to acquaint yourself with the intricacies of surfing the web and the possibilities that can be accessed using ‘Social Media’ to add to your stable of tools on human interaction.  I was a bit overwhelmed by ALL there is to learn,  but Zen is exceptionally perceptive and thoroughly  helpful to both the complete novice and the seasoned internet user as he is a superbly educated teacher with lots of compassion and patience.” Vangie S., Chandler, AZ

Facebook for Small Business Workshop was well worth the 2 hour investment. Provided an excellent base for getting your business page started. Sallylyn Hill

Fantastic teacher for me a beginner. patient and helpful. made me want to learn more. Terry Skidmore

I have recently taken a course by Zen Benefiel on how to use LinkedIn and I would highly recommend him. He teaches in a way that is easy to understand and will walk you through all of his exercises, making sure that you have acquired your new skills. Sharon Eisner

Zen was well-versed on the subject, and clearly communicated his knowledge of the material to a group with mixed experience levels. He was also quite patient with a multitude of interruptions and questions. I would not hesitate to attend another class conducted by Zen. Wendy Csader

Okay, so you only need a few questions answered along with a little social media instruction on how to do what you need done, if it is possible. Often how to make adjustments to content, graphics or even widgets is pretty simple if you know where to look. If you don’t, it might as well be rocket science.

If you’ve had a website built and aren’t getting great responses from the contractor, you might want to just take it over yourself. Unless your website is super complex, you or one of your digitally inclined employees or staff can take over fairly easily with a little help. We can schedule a few hours and get you up to speed. You’ll get way more value than the $199 investment. Just reach out or call 480-633-7179 to set up an appointment or just to talk turkey… no gobble.