Atlas Is Not Shrugging This One

Getting your website integrated with the major social media platforms can be a real chore. We can make that process painless and show you how to manage it afterward. Do it yourself methods take a lot of time and energy, taking you away from working on your business.

Social Media Integration

How do you construct your web of influence with a focus on social media? That is a question most business owners consider daily. Some have learned how, most have not. That is where we come in. We do it for you and then show you how to manage it effectively to drive customers to your door, or website as the case may be.¬†We suggest you have a WordPress themed website first. Many already do, but they don’t know how to manage the inner-workings of it.

How do we do that for you?

There are many specific activities and protocols for effective social media marketing plans. The four major platforms (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter) have expanded to include Instagram and Pinterest, allowing images and videos to be shared instantly. How do you set your business up for success in the social media mayhem?

We do it for you. Here’s how:

  • SEO optimization of your content and graphics
  • Create Business Pages
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • LinkedIn
    • Profiles on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Social Plugins
  • Calls to Action
  • Blogging for Business Instruction

Trust does not come easily, but it starts with transparency. Once we gain access to your website, we carefully install the necessary plugins that protect and serve your business best. Then we work our magic, science not understood yet, and provide you with an integrated package; your website and social media outlets are one. The process generally takes 7 – 10 days and we keep you informed of the progress so you can see what is being done and understand why.

Doesn’t it make sense to get expert help to connect the dots?

Our Social Media Integration Package Pricing

Starts at just $99


Stand alone service is $69/mo and you can purchase it here. You can cancel at any time.

Save $20 with any of our package purchases.

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